Sugar Awareness Week – Recipe Round Up

The week of January 18th was Sugar Awareness Week and we at AquaBall thought it would be fun to partner with some bloggers to develop recipes that reduced the sugar used by adding an AquaBall in the recipe instead. I have to give credit to these amazing women who participated as they came up with some GREAT ideas!

The Recipes …

I had the hardest time coming up with who I considered to be my Top 3 recipes … but they are:


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Be sure and give these a try, as well as the other fantastic reduced sugar recipes that were created.

Honorable Mentions:

A HUGE Thank You to all of you for sharing your ideas and helping to make that one healthy choice a day to reduce sugar.

What Are Your Recipe Ideas?

As a mom, I love being able to share and receive new ideas from other moms. From ways to get your little one to eat veggies (yes I make smoothies in the morning to sneak in that spinach or kale), encouraging them to drink more water versus juice or dealing with a “threenager” (thank goodness she’s 4 now). Hearing tips/suggestions from other moms is great, as we are all a part of this big club that should support each other.

So I’d love to hear some of your recipe ideas where you can reduce sugar. It’s something I try and do in my home – so stay tuned for some recipe ideas from me.  Comment below and let me know those ideas that I know you have!

~ Chief Mom, Aubrye


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