DIY Easter funny bunny craft for kids with zero sugar

DIY easter bunny is great for kids and to put in the basket without the sugar

Just in time for Easter, here is an easy and budget-friendly craft to make with your little chickadees.  Make this DIY Funny Bunny using AquaBall to cut the sugar and #keepthefun in your holiday baskets!

DIY funny bunny for easter

The Tools:

  • An AquaBall bottle – flavor of your choice
  • A piece of ribbon, string or raffia and a rubber band
  • A toddler sized sock
  • A foam ball or other circular object for the head
  • A pair of google eyes or marker

The Steps:

  • Select one of our refreshing naturally flavored, sugar free drinks to use as your bunny belly.
  • Slide a toddler-sized sock up over the ball and pull tight while tying a bow around the neck to keep it in place.

DIY Easter funny bunny craft for kids

  • Next scoop out a cap-sized divot in the Styrofoam ball using a pair of scissors or a spoon. Make sure it is deep enough that it covers the cap and creates a secure bunny head.

DIY Easter funny bunny craft for kids with zero sugar

  • Place the ball and pull the sock up over it and secure with a rubber brand. Note: we used a plain, old rubber band, but a colored hair band or bow would also make a cute addition to this bunny.
  • Next take a pair of scissors and cut two vertical lines down each side of the remaining sock and shape each piece to look like bunny ears. Anything goes here, so make them floppy, pointed, standing up or curly for a creative touch.
  • Last step, glue on some google eyes or simply draw them on with some marker to finish your bunny face. That’s it!

DIY Easter funny bunny craft for kids with zero sugar

The Time:

  • 10 minute project

This is an easy and fun craft that you can do as you are waiting for your colored eggs to dry or while shopping online for your Easter bonnet. We hope you will keep finding ways to add AquaBall into your holiday to CUT THE SUGAR and #keepthefun! Be sure to share your funny bunny with us on our Facebook page, we’d love to see how it turns out!

So what are you waiting for? Get hoppin’, er, crafting!

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