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By September 11, 2015Healthy Hydration

Many kids think school is fun, but a lot of them also find the pressure to do well in class stressful. Make their efforts easier and more effective by keeping them fully hydrated throughout the day. Getting the right amount of water regularly is important for maintaining academic success, so pack plenty of fluids in your child’s lunch box. A lack of hydration can have a surprising impact on cognitive abilities and mood, potentially affecting academic performance.

“When children consumed more water, their recall was significantly better.”

Attention span
It’s been shown that drinking extra water can actually help improve a child’s ability to pay attention. A study published in the journal Appetite tested this theory by observing a group of 58 children split into two groups; one group of kids in the study received extra water. At the end of the experiment, the children who were given the additional water performed better on visual attention tasks and were less thirsty than the other group of kids.

Children have the tendency to fixate on their discomfort, so if kids are overly thirsty, they aren’t going to be able to focus well. This is particularly harmful in the classroom when a teacher is trying to explain an assignment to the class. If your kids aren’t listening well because they’re thirsty, they aren’t going to know how to complete their homework. Overcome this issue by sending your kids to school with plenty of fluids in their lunch box. You could also have a discussion with the instructor about the importance of drink breaks during class. Try asking the teacher if it would be okay for the kids to keep water at their desks. This way they can have a drink whenever they need one.

Memory impact
Memory is another factor influenced by a child’s hydration. Another study published in Appetite found when children consumed water, their recall was significantly better than when they did not drink it. Researchers studied 40 children and provided them with 300 milliliters of additional water on one day and no extra water on another day. The kids’ ability to remember material was based on how well they could recall 15 previously presented objects.

The children were given this water at school, which means that drinking water throughout class time could really be beneficial for your child. Young kids are usually given snack time during the day. When packing treats for your child to eat, you can provide a drink that is flavorful but has zero calories​, like AquaBall. You want to improve your child’s energy and attention naturally, so stay away from sugary drinks.

Help your kids focus more during class by keeping them hydrated. Help your kids focus more during class by keeping them hydrated.

Mood state
Water is an essential for the body, and without it, children (as well as adults) will often become irritable. Fatigue is another symptom of mild dehydration, causing drowsiness and lethargy. You don’t want your child to be irritated and tired during class. These moods are not good for creating an effective learning environment and could hurt your child’s willingness to learn.

Stave off these symptoms of dehydration by making sure your kids drink plenty of water throughout the day. Start the morning off right by giving your kids an AquaBall on the way to school so their fluid levels will be high, and keep it going by packing another bottle in their bag for snack or lunchtime.

Finish the day by serving dinner with another bottle of water your kids will enjoy drinking. Encouraging healthy hydration throughout the day will not only help children in class, but it will also teach kids the importance of regular fluid intake. Using drinks like AquaBall is also important because you want to promote healthy beverages that contain vitamins, not just taste.

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