Flavored water: A good alternative to other kids’ drinks?

By February 1, 2016Healthy Hydration

Parents are always looking for ways to improve their children’s health. Diversifying kids’ drinks is one method that parents often use to encourage healthy hydration. However, it’s choosing the right beverages that is critical to making this health tactic effective. If you’re trying to find better drinks for your kids, go with flavored water. Still, some parents are hesitant to give their kids flavored water because they don’t realize the benefits. To ease your worries, here are some of the advantages of giving your children this tasty beverage:

“Children should only consume 12 grams of sugar a day.”

Fewer added sugars

If you check out the nutrition label on most kids’ drinks, you’ll discover they contain several grams of sugar per serving. Take Capri Sun, for instance. One pouch of this kids’ drink contains 13 grams of sugar. According to the American Heart Association, children ages 4 to 8 should only be consuming 12 grams of sugar a day! Flavored water still gives kids the taste they want without the extra sugar you’re trying to avoid. Check the nutrition labels on the water you’re considering buying to ensure it contains no added sugars.

No empty calories

When beverages contain several grams of sugar, they also tend to have calories. The beverages your children are drinking should not impact their health by adding empty calories. Many flavored waters, such as AquaBall, are zero-calorie options, so they don’t impact your child’s weight. Other kids’ drinks that contain added sugars and calories can contribute to weight gain if your child consumes enough of them.

Healthy hydration

Giving your children flavored water that contains no calories or added sugars is an excellent way to teach your kids about healthy hydration. Explain to them why you chose to buy them flavored water instead of alternative kids’ drinks. It’s never too early to start demonstrating healthy habits, and once you’ve worked on hydration, you can easily move into other areas, such as snacks and meals.

Kids love it

Most kids avoid plain water, because they claim it’s too “boring.” However, when you’re trying to avoid sugary kids’ drinks, it can be difficult to ensure your children get enough fluids throughout the day. Flavored water gives kids the taste they want with a variety of options, from fruit punch to grape. The ability to choose a specific flavor appeals to kids, and if the bottle contains fun characters, children are even more likely to accept them. AquaBall caters to any child’s needs by offering four tasty flavors, depicting their favorite characters and in a fun shape.

Parents will also love this beverage because not only will their kids enjoy it, but it won’t negatively impact their health. In fact, AquaBall is actually a good source of several B vitamins as well as vitamin C. So, stop worrying about keeping your kids hydrated, and give them flavored water to quench their thirst in a healthy manner.

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