DIY: Spring Flower Vases

Craft time occurs fairly regularly in our house. So what better way to celebrate Spring then with a DIY flower vase using an AquaBall bottle? Here’s the items you will need to make this fun craft:

  • Empty AquaBall bottles (enjoy the yummy water first)
  • Coffee Filters
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Sticks or Plastic Skewers
  • Food Coloring
  • Popcorn Kernels (I prefer using white ones)
  • Paint (I used washable tempura paint)

First – color your popcorn kernels.  Decide how many colors you want to make and divide out the kernels accordingly. Then place the kernels in a large ziploc bag and put a BIG squeeze of paint on top. Seal the bag and “squish” it around until all of the kernels are covered.  Then lay them our on parchment or wax paper to dry. (Hint: If you spread it out quite a bit they dry faster). Repeat that step for each color you want to make. The kids LOVE helping with this because they can shake, squish, and just have fun moving around the paint to cover all of the kernels.

Now it’s time to make the flowers. You can use white or natural coffee filters and in either a cone or round shape. I happened to have the natural cone at home … so that’s what I’ve used.  Tear the coffee filter so that you can shape it into a flower. Then use your pipe cleaner as the center of the flower and the stem.


Next, fill your sink with water. You’ll dip the coffee filter ends into the water and while they are wet – drip food coloring onto them. You’ll see it spread throughout the filter. NOTE: If you wring them out they will be more solid and also dry faster. BUT … put on gloves or you’ll have food coloring all over your hands (like I did!).


Lay paper towels over a cookie sheet and place the coffee filters on there to dry.


Now it’s time to prepare the bottles. Have an adult cut off the labels of the AquaBall bottles. Be sure they are completely dry inside before you use them for this craft! Once that is done, use your dried & colored popcorn kernels and place them into the bottles. You can use one color, you can layer them – the choice is yours! I layered mine.


Once your coffee filters have dried – wrap the pipe cleaner around either a wooden or plastic stick/skewer. This will become your stem that you can place into the popcorn kernels. Now it’s time for your inner florist to take hold! Place the coffee filter flowers into the AquaBalls filled with your colored popcorn and you have your flower vase.

As today is Teacher Appreciation Day – it makes a fun gift for the teachers as well!


Aubrye Foote

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