DIY: AquaBall apple for the teacher

AquaBall DIY apple craft for teachers

AquaBall DIY apple craft for teachers

A teacher is any person who provides education for their students. Your kids are constantly learning, which makes almost everyone they encounter a teacher of sorts. Here is a great DIY craft you can make with your kids using the AquaBall bottle, which is a great way to show appreciate for school teachers, community leaders or for babysitters. It is easy and fun and can be pulled together quickly for any back-to-school night.

AquaBall DIY apple for teacher

The Tools:

  • An AquaBall bottle – flavor of your choice
  • A piece of green ribbon, string or raffia
  • Green craft paint and a brush
  • A bag of red candy – of your choice
  • A single green piece of paper

The Steps:

  • After you drink your refreshing naturally flavored, sugar free beverage, tear off the label and give it a good cleaning. It is important that the ball is fully dried to avoid the candy sticking to the sides.
  • To allow for maximum drying time, start with painting the lid on newspaper or other disposable surface. The paint doesn’t have to be thick, just give it enough color to make it look like a stem.
  • Now it is time to fill the bottles with your candy. We found it helpful to use a funnel or put the pieces in a few at a time to avoid spilling and rolling across the floor (which we learned the hard way).
  • Next it is time to cut out the leaf and attach it to the bottle. The easiest way to do this is fold your paper in half and cut a crescent shape. That way the leaf will have a natural crease. Give it a hole on one end with a whole puncher or scissors and connect the ribbon.
  • Tie it around the top of your bottle and attach the lid. That’s it!

AquaBall DIY apple for teacher craft for kids

The Time:

  • 10 minute project

This is an easy and fun craft that your kids can use over and over again. Keep finding ways to reuse your AquaBall bottle and share them with us, we’d love to see how your DIY apple for teacher crafts turn out!

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