AquaBall’s New Process

AquaBall’s mission has always been to provide a healthy drink for your child that tastes great – be your child’s favorite drink, while still being pure and healthy. Now, AquaBall has adopted a new filling process to make AquaBall even purer and healthier. This process, known as hot fill packaging, sterilizes the inside of the drink’s packaging. This prevents microorganisms from growing and extends the drink’s shelf life.


How does hot filling work?

The new process for packaging AquaBall is very simple. The water, vitamins, natural flavors and stevia are blended and heated, ensuring that any bacteria has been killed. Once the drink is produced, it goes through a three-step process:

  • The packaging is produced: Beginning as a small tube of plastic, hot air is blown into the tube to create the fun, shape of the AquaBall bottle. Once the shape of the bottle has changed, it’s sprayed with cold water to cool it down so it can be filled. This process limits the amount of time that the bottle sits idle, minimizing the elements that come in contact with it.
  • The drink is added: The drink is still warm enough to kill any possible contaminants, but not hot enough to warp or melt the bottle.
  • The bottle is capped: As soon as the bottle is filled, it’s capped with a sterilized plastic cap, so no contaminants have the opportunity to get into the drink. After, the bottle is cooled and ready to be sent to stores where you can buy it!

This method of filling has allowed AquaBall to eliminate preservatives from the formula. However, it has the same great taste your kids love – making it easy for you to keep them hydrated! Also check out our newly designed bottle. Not only does the new bottle fit into your children’s hands better, but it fits into your cup holders more snugly as well. Moms – you have to love that one!

Environmentally friendly
According to All American Containers, beverages packaged with a hot fill process typically use thin, yet durable plastic. The thinner plastic consists of less material, leaving a smaller impact on the environment. The technology used to produce them is also environmentally-friendly. Be really green with your family’s AquaBall containers and reuse them with fun arts and crafts projects!

Something that sets AquaBall apart from other bottled waters is that all of our bottles are BPA-free. While bisphenol A’s effects on the human body aren’t completely known, since it’s only been used in plastic products since the 1960s, there have been potential links to certain brain and endocrine conditions. Many water bottle companies are taking steps to limit BPAs, but not all brands are completely BPA-free.

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