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By January 6, 2015Healthy Hydration
tough cookie mommy review of AquaBall and zero sugar drink for kids
mommy blogger talks about healthy hydration and AquaBall as an alternative to sugary drinks for kids
Mommy blogger Maria Castro of Tough Cookie Mommy has recently endorsed AquaBall as an alternative to sugary drinks to her readers (448k unique visitors each month) via a product giveaway. Maria is an educator and mom of two boys so her positive review of our zero sugar drink is high praise. As an advocate of healthy hydration, we too feel that the amount of sugary drinks kids consume before, during and after school is shocking. That is why AquaBall was created, to empower Moms to make the best nutritional decisions for their kids when it comes to hydration. AquaBall is a naturally flavored water drink which is enhanced with essential vitamins to help kids grow strong, and contains the Disney’s Mickey Check of approval. Using beloved Disney characters makes hydration not only healthy, but fun too!Thank you Tough Cookie Mommy for sharing your product with your kids and your 19k social media followers. We love the pictures and hope you continue to spread the word!

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