5 springtime activities to get your kids active

It seems that spring has official sprung. After a long cold winter of trying to stay warm indoors, chances are, your kids are itching to get outside and run around. There are plenty of things you can do as a family to get active and enjoy the beautiful weather. Round up everyone in the house and participate in one of these family-friendly activities this weekend.

Your kids will love if you join them in jumping in puddles.Your kids will love if you join them in jumping in puddles.

Go on a picnic
Who doesn’t like a good old-fashioned picnic? Grab an blanket that you don’t mind getting dirty, pack up some sandwiches and healthy snacks, like trail mix and seasonal fruits, and have a family picnic at the local park. Bring along a soccer ball or a jump rope too, for some post-meal activities. Ask your children if they’d like to invite any of their friends along too. Since kids love doing anything with a change of scenery, don’t be surprised if they ask to go on another picnic next weekend!

Fly kites
Springtime tends to get a little gusty, so have some fun with the wind and fly kites. If you don’t have any at home, you can get an inexpensive kite at the local dollar store. If you and your kids are feeling ambitious, you can even make your own garbage bag kites with directions from Instructables. You probably already have all of the materials required right at home – all you need is a garbage bag, string, sticks, scissors and ribbon.

Go for a bike ride
What better way to see your neighborhood than on a family bike ride? Take your kids for a ride and point out some of your favorite spots in the city. Maybe you still live near the area that you asked your spouse to marry you or an ice cream shop you used to visit as a kid. Ask your children where their favorite locations are and events that happened there, and you can create your own little tour of the city.

Start a garden
Planting a garden can be very tiring for one person, so recruit your kids to help out! If you already have a garden established, have your children pull the weeds and get it ready to house some beautiful flowers or tasty veggies this summer. If you don’t have a garden yet, your children will probably have a blast joining you at the gardening supply store. If you’re planting vegetables, this will also be an incentive to get them to eat those veggies. What kid wouldn’t want to eat a cucumber or tomato that he or she helped grow?

Jump in puddles
It’s no secret that kids love splashing around in puddles outside, but adults may be tempted to opt out of this game. They shouldn’t, though! Why sit inside on a rainy April afternoon when you could be exercising and getting back in touch with your youth? Forget your qualms with being wet and dirty for a while and put on a pair of rubber boots and splash around with your kids.

Aubrye Foote

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