Frequently Asked Questions

What type of sweetener does AquaBall use?

  • AquaBall uses stevia, which is a natural sweetener derived from a plant.

Do AquaBall bottles contain BPA?

  • AquaBall bottles are made from recyclable PET and DO NOT contain BPA.

Are there vitamins in AquaBall?

  • AquaBall contains vitamins B3, B5,B6 and C.

Does AquaBall contain any preservatives?

  • AquaBall does not contain any preservatives.

Is AquaBall safe for diabetic children?

  • AquaBall does not contain sugar and is safe for diabetic children.

Is AquaBall gluten free?

  • AquaBall is gluten free.

Is AquaBall made with ingredients entirely from the USA?

  • YES! All of our ingredients are sourced in the USA.