4 Simple Ingredients.

Moms want simple, Moms want clean, and Moms want to know that their kids are getting the very best!

AquaBall is already the only zero sugar beverage for children on the market. In June 2016, True Drinks will introduce the new clean-label, preservative-free, AquaBall formula – advancing our position as the clear leader in the category as we respond to consumer demands for healthier products for their children.

Purified Water

Every bottle of AquaBall contains purified water as its primary component.

Sweetened with Stevia

AquaBall is sweetened with Stevia, a zero-calorie sweetener derived from the leaf of the stevia plant. (Stevia Rebaudiana)

Natural Fruit Flavors

Each flavor of AquaBall utilized naturally derived flavors from fruits and berries to create a taste kids love without artificial colors or flavorings.

Good Source of Vitamins

AquaBall has been enhanced with added Vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12 and C to supplement the vitamins and minerals kids need.

For More Information

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